Zewe - Welcome

Welcome to ZEWE Schwing- und Fördertechnik GmbH

It is our basic objective to always satisfy each customer who approaches us his projects. As such, each order is carried out with the same care and attention to quality monitoring, regardless of the industry it relates to. In addition, in order to keep to this, we set ourselves new internal objectives on an annual basis, which have to be developed, designed and worked on before they can be presented to the market.

Our services

We provide in-house development and design, complete manufacturing sequences (from engineering through to the connection and commissioning of all of the products that are mentioned), as well as other new developments. Servicing and repairs for existing customers. We provide on-site solutions and solutions to all problems that arise in the industries we serve.

We also supply to: Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, USA …